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NuPol Heavy-Duty Drywash/Polish Cleaner with U/V Protectant - Nuvite




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NuPol is the high-power drywash cleaner & finish restorer for those really tough situations –baked-on carbon exhaust, surface staining, dull, dirt-catching oxidized paint –just anywhere you need to perform “MAGIC”! Nuvite NuPol is easy to use –just wipe or mop on with spun cotton scrub pad, agitate to a thin layer, let dry. When you wipe off the dry haze you will see a clean, shiny and U/V-protected paint surface! No water, power tools to set up –and no mess - use it anywhere. NuPol can beat the toughest paint appearance problems, and when used with other Nuvite paint care products, gives you the easiest and best paint care system you can get!

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