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XMP Metal Polishing System from Granitize




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Granitize Aviation has spent several years developing and testing a graded series of metal polishes for the aviation industry. We now offer a simple but effective system of six polishes designed to polish painted surfaces, aluminum 22916T6 & 2024T6 both clad and bare, and other metals including steel and titanium. All polishes are color coded to reduce cross contamination and aid in taking the guesswork out of any polishing procedure. When used properly, The Granitize System will produce a smooth, highly reflective mirror-like surface on bright work that can be treated with X20-18 AECI3 molecular adhesion to maintain the finish.

XMP-T (Titanium): Color: Graphite - Heavy preparation necessary. Use for pitting, heavy scratches

XMP-X (Extra Coarse): Color: Green - Use for heavy oxidation, light pitting, coarse scratches

XMP-C (Coarse): Color: Pink - Use for medium oxidation, medium scratches

XMP-M (Medium) Color: Aqua - Use for light oxidation, light scratches, rain spotting

XMP-F (Fine) Color: Yellow - Use for swirls and very fine scratches

XMP-S (Super Fine) Color: White - Use as final polish for a deep, clear, highly reflective surface

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