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NuPower II Waterless Cleaning Aircraft Dry Wash/Polish Paint Protectant




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Nuvite NuPower II is an extraordinary product for easy and effective care of painted or gelcoat surfaces on aircraft, boats and RV's. It will put a beautiful, slick, glossy surface on lightly oxidized paint or composite surfaces, and it will maintain a really supurb, glossy deep image finish on good paint and composite gelcoat surfaces.
Custom Planes magazine writer Ron Caraway tested NuPower II and gained seven mph and 50 rpm in his racing plane -he calls it "Speed in a Bottle!". (Custom Planes magazine - April 2004 issue)
It is easily applied with a wipe-on, wipe-off procedure using pad applicators or by hand, in all types of humidity conditions. NuPower II is a high technology formulation that offers a high gloss, cleaning power, and a protective barrier coating against surface oxidation that also protects against ultraviolet deterioration --especially important on marine, RV and aircraft composites!
Professional detailers also love NuPower II because it not only does a great job. it is so easy and fast to use, it offers them significant savings in labor.
NuPower II is especially valuable for appearance maintenance cost savings in fleet and heavy service situations. Whether it is industrial, liesure or just an individual owner's pride, Nuvite's NuPower II is "The Real Deal!"

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