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NuShine II Metal Polishing System by Nuvite




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Nuvite NuShine II offers a graded system of polishes for both metal and paint finishing that will provide the finest surface finish available. NuShine II has been shown to outperform all other aviation, automotive and marine polishes in side-by-side testing by users throughout the world. Many owners of commercial and corporate jets, custom-built, and one-of-a kind antique show aircraft specify Nuvite NuShine II as the polish of choice for upkeep of their expensive, rare and irreplaceable aircrat. The NuShine II system of graded polishes affords the operator the choice to select the grade of polish to match the needs of the surface to be polished, be it brand new, oxidized in use, or with atmospheric corrosion. NuShine II not only polishes paints and metals to an incredibly deep, clear and image-reflecting surface, but also imparts a protective chemical barrier to inhibit corrosive oxidation to the metal. Additionally, economy of use is preserved due to the extremely small amounts of material needed to create the required polishing action. Users continually report that NuShine II metal and paint polish simply has no peer for ease of use and successful results.

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