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CitriCut Gel Industrial Strength, Citris-Based Surface Cling Cleaner - Nuvite




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Nuvite PC2299 CitriCut Gel wetwash uses it's fluid viscosity to cling to vertical and overhead surfaces, and it provides increased wet out time and penetration of stubborn dirt or caked grease. CitriCut Gel extends Nuvite's extremely popular CitriCut formulation and its exceptional cleaning capabilities to even the most difficult situations. It also allows longer wet time for all surfaces even when used with water dilution. Water dilution may still be used if needed, or, for heavy cleanup, such as wheel wells and bellies. CitriCut Gel can be used at full concentrate strength by applying with a low pressure spray, let soak, and spray rinse clean with high pressure. All these capabilities come without worry of paint, acrylic or airframe damage, and it is safe for users and the environment. It smells good, too.