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Head Socks/Spray Socks - 50pk


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  • Numerous and Convenient: this package comes with an astounding quantity of 50 painter masks, ensuring that you will always have plenty on hand for various jobs; Thanks to their generous size of about 15.75 x 9.84 inches/ 40 x 25 cm, these painters masks offer full coverage and fit over heads and masks comfortably, which are ideal for various painting projects and are a handy tool for professional painter or DIY enthusiast
  • Quality Material: these head socks are made from durable and quality polyester material; Precisely constructed to withstand multiple uses, each sock is crafted to be reliable and durable for optimal performance, which allows for breathability without sacrificing protection against airborne particles such as paint spray, dust and dirt
  • Function and Protection: the function of the dust hood covers is to provide better protection from paint sprays, sawdust, and other particles that you may encounter while working on painting related tasks; The paint masks are designed to act as a physical barrier, protecting the wearer from potential irritants and hazards associated with painting and working in other dusty environments
  • Ease of Use: with these painters sock masks, you never have to worry about complicated usage instructions; They are designed to be easy and straightforward to use; Simply slip the sock over your head, and you are protected; The comfortable fit ensures that you can work unhindered, making your painting tasks easier and less messy
  • Wide Usage: the usage potential for these painters face masks spans beyond painting and similar work; They can be applied in various industrial environments, including woodworking, construction, agriculture and more; Their design provides reliable protection in various situations where airborne particles may be a concern