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5-6 Gallon Carboy Jerrycan Wrench


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Our JSP Brand Wrench for 70mm Lids Caps used on 5- and 6-Gallon API Kirk Samson Stacker Water Storage Containers. Our wrench has been designed to be stronger and more durable than others. Tighten your cap with ease and provide a leak-free seal. Tested for consistent quality and meets or exceeds original specifications.


  • Brand New Wrench for 70mm Lids
  • Compatible with 70mm Caps
  • Heavy Duty durable and strong plastic
  • Use to open the lids caps and break the seals with ease
  • Makes tightening caps easy - to ensure a leak free seal
  • Fits many caps typical of many carboys
  • Fits 5- and 6-gallon Samson Stacker and 5-gallon Carboy Caps
  • Exact item is pictured - Cap NOT Included - images of cap shown for informational purposes only
  • Made in USA!

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