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Cyclo 4" Foam Polishing Pads - 2 pair box




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4" Foam Polishing Pads 

Cyclo Premium Pads are standard 4 inch, hook and loop foam pads. They attach to the polisher by way of Cyclo Pad Holders. Pad Holders have hook and loop fasteners to hold the pads. Cyclo Premium Pads Pad Holders and Bonnets are available below. Cyclo Premium Pads are sold in 2 Packs.

Quality pads and bonnets make the Cyclo Polisher perfect for compounding, polishing, waxing, and glazing. Pads attach to the heads by way of hook & loop pad holders or backing plates (sold separately) for quick and easy pad replacement.

- The must have foam pad for swirl removal and polishing in your detail work
- Use for deoxidizing, light and medium polishing, all-in-one chemicals, metal sealant
- Use on paint, metal, fiberglass, gelcoat, glass, acrylic surfaces and more
- Each pair packaged to protect from contaminants until ready to use
- Premium-grade genuine cyclo pads feature hook and loop backing for quick pad changes and provide longest life for many repeat uses

Yellow Cutting Pad: The yellow cutting pad is intended for more aggressive swirl and scratch removal. It is made of dense foam and will work well with compounds and advanced swirl removers. This pad is comparable to our Wolfgang™ yellow cutting pad.

Green Polishing Pad: The green pad is more aggressive than the white pad. It has a mild cut for gentle polishing. Use your favorite polish or pre-wax cleaner to remove light oxidation and bring out a bright, glossy shine.

White Finishing Pad: The white pad is Cyclo’s softest pad. It is intended for final buffing and wax application. It will render a glossy shine without polishing. This pad has no cut.

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