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CitriCut XTRA Cleaner For Wetwash, Waterless Drywash Cleaner & Chemwipe- Nuvite




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Nuvite's CitriCut Xtra provides a wide range of airframe cleaning capabilities with the added benefit for fleet livery appearance. Nuvite’s exclusive formulation gives exceptional cleaning power while enhancing paint gloss factors.  Whether Wetwash with rinse,Waterless DryCleaning to avoid affluent runoff, or Hand Detailing to enhance gloss factors the Nuvite CitriCut Xtra deposits a thin protective sealant against resoiling and paint oxidation.

CitriCut Xtra offers the versatility of being able to WetWash with up to a 1:20 dilution dependent on soil conditions.  Where Waterless Dry Cleaning is preferred up to 1:12 dilution can be utilized without the need of capturing affluent rinse runoff.  CitriCut Xtra when used as a Hand Wash/Wax Detail through a spray bottle application, a dilution of 1:8 is  recommended for cleaning areas of heavy soil build up on the belly.

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