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IK Foam Pro 2




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Looking for an all-in-one foamer that can handle huge surface areas? Look no further than the Release® Foam Pro 2. This powerful foamer is made with plastic components that are resistant to almost any solvent, making it a great fit for Release® Ultra Concentrate and so you can easily target and release soils from surfaces across a wide range of markets. Whether you're dealing with fingerprints on glass surfaces, smudges on stainless steel, or dirt on porous surfaces like stone or concrete, this Foam Pro 2 chemical dispenser is the best way to clean wide surface areas with ease.


  • All plastic parts and washers resistant to most acids and solvents. 
  • 3 bar safety valve with depressurization option. 
  • Large opening for easy filling and cleaning. 
  • Ergonomic design. 
  • Strong translucent tank with level indicator. 
  • Protective sleeve for valve chamber. 
  • Easy assembly and taking apart for cleaning and maintenance, tool-free. 
  • Special "foam" even fan-type nozzle. 
  • Comes with three (3) Color-Coded Mixer Adaptors. Orange to create very wet foam, Green to create very dry foam, and Grey that creates standard foam. 
  • Comes with product identifier caps
  • Total capacity: 50 oz.
  • Total usable liquid 42 oz (due to pressurization). 

The IK FOAM Pro 2 professional sprayer has been manufactured for the generation of dry and durable foam. Designed to be used with chemical agents with surfactant properties. IK Foam Pro 2 provides the user with a dense, permanent foam that is ideal for professional cleaning, sanitation and disinfection work, HVAC system cleaning, vehicle washing and detailing, as well as for the disinfection of food processing areas and industrial kitchens.

The Foam Pro 2 allows you to quickly spray cleaner efficiently and with minimal effort. Combined with the associative cleaning technology of Release® products, this hand sprayer will allow you to tackle even the most resilient soils with ease. 

Test out our Release® products today to see the difference they can make for all your cleaning needs. Want to learn more? Read our FAQs or contact us.

How to make a perfect foam

  1. Install the dry foam air inlet that comes with the foamer
  2. Use a 1:20 ratio of Release Ultra Concentrate
  3. Pressurize the sprayer until the safety valve pops out
  4. Make sure the felts are clean

The difference between the Foam Pro 2 and the Foam Pro 2+

The difference between the Foam Pro 2 and the Foam Pro 2+ is the ability to hook up an air source such as an air compressor to the unit. The Foam Pro 2+ has the ability to use air supplied by an air compressor to keep the sprayer pressurized. The Foam Pro 2 does not have that capability and requires manual pressurization through the hand pump. 

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