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Matrix® Vanishing Act


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Matrix Vanishing Act will soon be your favorite spot and stain remover. Whether it be coffee, red wine, body fluids, pet urine, or the dreaded mystery spot, simply spray Vanishing Act on it and watch the stain disappear.

No scrubbing or blotting necessary—it cleans via an incredibly fast oxidation reaction that converts organic soils into CO2 and water—meaning the stain literally vanishes into thin air! And it’s not just the stain that is removed, all odors associated with it do as well. Vanishing Act makes your job easier than ever!


  • Ready to use
  • Cleans via an incredibly fast oxidation reaction. Organic soils are converted into CO2 and water
  • CRI approved
  • No V.O.C's
  • Remove gross soils before applying Vanishing Act
  • Thoroughly wet the entire soiled area and then leave it to dry
  • No need to rub, scrub, blot, extract or rinse
  • Always pre-test for colorfastness of dyes

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