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Zip-Chem X-405 Avionics Cleaning Kit


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Zip-Chem X-405 Avionics Cleaning Kit

Zip-Chem® X-405 is a water based cleaner specifically designed for use on aircraft windows, plastic transparencies, and "EFIS" Electronic Flight Instrument Systems.

X-405 is approved to EPA's program*.

X-405 is available in ready-for-use packaging and is very effective in wipe-on and wipe-off applications.

X-405 contains a select group of surfactants designed to solubilize and lift a wide variety of contaminants without the use of abrasives or harsh solvents.

X-405 meets the strict EPA standards of biodegradability as well as environmentally friendly components.

The concentrate should be diluted 50 parts water to 1 part X-405 Concentrate before using.

Collins Instrument approval for "EFIS"
No Solvents
Non-Toxic and Biodegradable
Conforms to AMS 1534 Ty I, Boeing D6-17487, CSD No. 1, NSN: 7930-01-595-1214 (Pump Spray), NSN: 6850-01-624-1757 (Pump Spray), NSN: 6850-01-627-5474 (Wet/Dry Kit),and T.O.: 1C-130A-23
Safe on aluminum, magnesium, and all structural metal.
Safe on all quality paints, primers, and acrylic plastics.

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