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Socosolv A3582


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VOC free solvent that removes CICs, TPCs, oils and greases from aircraft surfaces.

SOCOSOLV A3582 is an emulsifiable and thixotropic solvent. The controlled viscosity gives good adherence on surfaces while permitting increased contact time with the soils or the coatings to be removed. The product may be easily rinsed off with pressurised water. It is not subject to classification under the European legislation on VOCs (Directive 1999/13/CE).

  • SOCOSOLV A3582 removes waxy and oily temporary protective coatings, tenacious oils and hardened greases on landing gear, undercarriage bays, wheels, and holds.
  • SOCOSOLV A3582 may be used for all aircraft surfaces- landing gear, undercarriage bays, wheels, and holds.
  • Inert on ferrous metals and light alloys, painted or non painted. No embrittlement on high tensile steel.