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GoodBye NF Aircraft Lavatory Deodorant - Gallon Jug




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Nuvite PC2147 GoodBye NF is a liquid lavatory fluid deodorant that is specifically developed to meet the need for a proven technology lavatory fluid that was fully acceptable environmentally, provided operator safety, and yet is effective for both waste disposal and odor control. GoodBye NF does not contain formaldehyde, phenols, cresols, phosphates or heavy metal salts, and is completely user and environmentally friendly. Nuvite uses a careful blending process and proprietary formula to create a uniquely effective and user friendly product. Both users and ground based facilities prefer liquid products over powders and fillers that can contribute to system sluggishness and potential clogging due to the instability of such powders. In addition, Nuvite GoodBye NF is very cost effective at in service dilution rates compared with powders.