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3M-05723 Foam Cutting Pad - 2 PACK




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Foam Cutting Pad
3M Foam Compounding Pad is a great, fast-cutting foam pad designed for refining and removing sanding scratches and swirls. The convolute foam face conforms to curves and body lines to reduce chatter for improved finishes. It also holds compound to help reduce slinging and the hook-and-loop attachment makes for fast, easy attachment to rotary polishers.

The 3M Foam Compounding Pad features a convolute face that absorbs compound to limit slinging, and provide more contact with the surface for maximum efficiency. This single-sided foam compounding pad is excellent for use with any 3M Perfect-It rubbing compounds.

- Single-sided convolute foam pad retains compound to reduce slinging and help with even application.
- Large surface area helps maximize productivity.
- May be used on cured, hard or medium finish paint and helps refine scratches.
- Convolute foam pad conforms to irregular surfaces, curves and body lines, reducing chatter for improved finish.
- May be used with any 3M Perfect-It rubbing compound for effective scratch removal.
- Hookit attachment makes for quick backup pad changes during multi-step sequences.

Remove Fine Scratches and Swirl Marks
3M Foam Compounding Pad works for a variety of specific applications, including working with cured, hard, or medium finish paint, scratch removal and refining P1200 or finer sand scratches. 3M developed these foam pads to keep pace with evolving paint and clear coat technologies. Foam pads are generally less aggressive and produce a finer finish than wool pads, ideal for the critical compounding stages of paint refinishing.

Single-Sided Foam Pads and the Hookit Attachment System
The Hookit attachment system has a hook-and-loop feature which makes disc attachment, removal, and re-attachment of single-sided 3M Foam Compounding Pad clean, easy and very fast for maximized shop time. It also facilitates use and re-use of the disc for maximum product life. Hookit discs have a brushed nylon loop backing of the type most commonly used in everyday hook-and-loop applications. A range of Hookit pads such as the 3M Foam Compounding Pad features hooks which grip the brushed nylon loop backing. It’s simple: just attach the disc and start sanding. The disc removes just as cleanly and easily. The Hookit system is designed for work spaces and applications where adhesive backed abrasives may become contaminated by dust, dirt or debris.

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